Understanding the Virgo Man

A Virgo man is very practical and down to earth. He loves to own the best of everything and he won't settle for less. Even if it means he has to sacrifice in order to save up, he will to get the best rather than settle for anything less. Virgos are very cautious and try hard to have everything planned out perfectly. They make lists, balance their budget, and are very levelheaded when spending money. Virgos are known to be organized and they keep their homes and every other aspect of their lives the same way.

If you like practical men, Virgo is a good choice for you. They will make sure that you don't lack a single thing you want and they will do their best to provide for you. The Virgo man is careful before he proceeds in a relationship and he will try his best to make sure you are ready before he ever even suggests a strong commitment, even if he has already made one. Patient and understanding, Virgos are very loving and devoted. If public displays of affection bother you, a Virgo man is perfect because he only does that rarely. He is a perfectionist, and can be overly critical, but this is the Virgo's nature and not anything personal. If you can learn to accept that and read between the lines, you will see what he is really trying to tell you.

Virgo men can read your gestures as well as hear your words and they will know when you are saying something other than what you are feeling. Virgo men also are great at communication, and will try their best to discuss an issue long before it becomes a fight. These gentle lovers are very adaptable and do well in any social setting. You can feel comfortable taking them to meet your parents or to an office party, because they will fit right in! They are not domineering or pushy, and love to have a balance in a relationship, so if you are looking for an equal partner, Virgo is the man for you.